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Poetry in Motion

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Spoken Reasons and Loud Words.

Vending Machine Dreams

Put in a penny and get a bag of nuts

Put in a nickel and get a bag of chips

Put in a dime, go on, just waste your time

On these dime a dozen men and their dime a dozen lies.

Why put in your quarter for a snickers of a man

When a twix cums twice

Only to melt in your hands

Why put in two quarters to sacrifice the fall

kitkat will break you off

but leave you waiting for his call

Well, go on now, gather up all your coins

Get ready to receive all of his loins

And keep in mind, its your time on the line

Sticking bills in for a quick little snack

Instead of waiting patiently for the MAN in the back


What if

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